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Sculptural Moments

Design is telling the right story. When done right, it represents who you are: layered & nuanced, changing over time.

Soft & Soulful

Known for playing with curvature & incorporating natural materials & visual textures, we reached out to the Canadian designer for what inspires her signature flair.

“Motherhood has changed my perspective on everything. It has made me think more about what kind of world we are leaving for our kids – how to design more sustainably has been top of mind.”

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“We live in a very rectilinear world, so I have always been drawn to more sculptural & organic forms that can add softness, interest & a sense of play to any space.”

“I start with pieces that make my heart stop and excite me, then build a design around that. Naturally, I was drawn to the beautiful Punyo Punyo accent table & I loved the vintage feel that the Freeman dining chairs provide. I also love the Motion & Matter sculptures because I think these are a perfect “anywhere” accent that could float around a home (or office) to add an artistic & organic component.”

Explore Our Sculptural Moments Pieces

Explore Our Sculptural Moments Pieces