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Key Directions



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As we step into the new year, we find ourselves with an opportunity to do things another way. From fraught times we stand with clear eyes, full hearts and open minds to celebrate all that's possible. Our key directions are cultivated by the idea of reset--set again but differently. Our newest intros harness a positive and energizing feeling, encouraging individuality and self-expression.

These key directions are the culmination of our team's creative exploration, our boldest concepts and most forward-thinking ideas distilled into three different stories. Inspired by the seventies, Freeform bursts with exuberance and enthusiasm. Moving on, Earthened is a showcase of grounded designs, inviting touch while evoking a sense of permanence. Finally, Enduring Sentiment takes a nostalgic outlook where longevity and timelessness take center stage.

As these stories pave the way for 2023, we look forward to continuing our design narratives, gleaming insight and inspiration from our collaborations, partnerships, and relationships. Many thanks to the amazing people who have worked with us and continue to support us. We hope you enjoy exploring these key directions as much as we did creating them.

Reset, set again
But differently

“Reset is a journey of rediscovery for what brings us joy, a realignment of values and systems—redefining our home space to reflect our most authentic selves."

Our 2023

Key Directions