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Our key direction Freeform is inspired by the seventies, in which a spirit of optimism emerged despite frenzied uncertainty and societal turbulence. This outlook continues today, leaning toward joyfulness and enthusiasm. Though the tumultuousness of the past is mirrored in the present, a zest for life remains.

As we move towards 2023, we’re shifting towards more playful and expressive designs. Leaning towards a 70s approach showcasing low-slung frames, corduroy, chrome, lacquered finishes, sundrenched velvets, ribbed details, burl and padded and curved forms.









Two Fox chairs in cherry fabric sitting next to eachotherA coffee table with books and decor thoughtfully arrangedA silhouette of a woman in a dance like pose against an orange wallA round marble dining table with a gold ribbed baseThe Punyo Punyo accent table with a vase sitting on top in a warm living room settingA figure standing in a lake looking out at the sunset

“The 70s design aesthetic exceeded color, pattern and cheerfulness, which I’m endlessly inspired by. I hope to spread a free-spirited feeling to the people who incorporate these pieces into their homes.”

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