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Our key direction Earthened moves on from modern rustic and ancient forms with an elevated and layered approach that is heavily emotive, placing material at the center. Mood and material, texture and tone—all come together in these designs.

Organic, natural and comforting materials such as wood, linen, metals, clay and stones drive this direction. Each design invites touch and evokes a sense of permanence.

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A close up of the Terra modular sectional to showcase the NeverFear fabricThe solid oak plank bed with matching nightstand next to a tall window with trees outsideMoss covered vases sitting on a concrete floor near a water feature with vines flowing down the wallA close up of the ribbed detail of the Ramsay slipper with a white linen throw blanket draped over itA close up of the Era Coffee Table in smoked acacia woodA black marble coffee table with black solid wood legsA moody image of a shrub and tree covered hill

“With a grounding color palette and natural textures produced by Mother Earth, the traditional craftsmanship incorporates imperfections that resemble the state of nature, providing a sense of reassurance, comfort and freedom."

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